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本文摘要:With 50 million users, Evernote is the packs leader. The service, available on iOS and Android, has most everything users need like the ability to organize information into individual notebooks and share with others. To avoid having to typ


With 50 million users, Evernote is the packs leader. The service, available on iOS and Android, has most everything users need like the ability to organize information into individual notebooks and share with others. To avoid having to type notes, Android users can use an automated transcription service that turns speech into text -- at least in theory. However, there is no built-in equivalent for iOS users. Evernotes free service limits uploads to 60 MB per month. A premium version with up to 1 GB of uploads per month costs $45 annually. Earlier this month, Evernote suffered a black eye when it revealed that hackers had infiltrated its computer system. As a result, it had to reset all user passwords.印象笔记(Evernote)是笔记软件领域的领军者,用户高达5,000万。这款应用于在iOS和安卓上都能寻找。



结果,它被迫新的原作了所有用户的密码。A close rival of Evernote, Simplenote offers many of the same kinds of features, but limited to iOS devices and the Web. Unlike the others, Simplenotes free service comes with ads. A premium version without ads and extra features like synching with Dropbox, the online storage service, is $20 annually. In a sign of how hot the note-taking field is, Automattic, the company behind WordPress blogging software, acquired Simplenotes parent earlier this year.作为印象笔记的死对头,Simplenote的很多功能都和印象笔记类似于,但它仅限于iOS设备和网络用于。跟其他服务有所不同的是,Simplenote的免费服务所含广告。

而不不含广告、并获取可与在线存储服务Dropbox实时这类功能的尊享版则每年收费20美元。今年年初,博客创立软件WordPress的母公司Automattic并购了Simplenote的母公司。笔记服务领域的竞争超过何种白热化程度,这个例子可见一斑。Notability is known as a palette for annotating notes and files stored on the service. Users can highlight text, write using their finger on documents including PDFs and draw pictures. Annotated files can be saved and shared. Notability is available only as an iPad app, which costs $2. Because of its limited compatibility, the service is not for everyone. Schools and people in creative professions may find it highly useful (and fun).Notability是一个调色板式的软件,能为存储在内的笔记和文件加到注释,并以此而闻名。




Catch covers most of the bases necessary in note taking service. Text, audio and photo notes can be organized into folders and tagged so that they can be easily found. Users can also create checklists, share information privately and collaborate, with each contribution listed so you know who added what. Catchs free service, which limits uploads to 70 MB per month, is available on Android and iOS devices along with the Web. Premium versions with bigger uploads and extra sharing -- aimed largely at business customers - cost $45 and $145 annually.Catch享有笔记服务所必须的大多数基本功能。文本、音频和照片笔记可整理到文件夹里,还能作好标签,以便查询。用户还能创立表格,私下共享信息,积极开展协作。


更大上载容量和额外共享功能的尊享版主要面向商业用户,年酬劳是45美元和145美元。Basic is the best word to describe Googles foray into note taking, which is part of its Drive online storage service. Keep has a simple design and offers voice to text transcription and sharing. But compared with some rivals, it lacks some functions like the ability to categorize notes and set an alarm for reminders. It is also only available on Android 4.0 devices or higher and through the Web. Google has a reputation for introducing skeletal products and then improving them over time. But more recently, it has also developed a reputation for killing products that dont work out, which doesnt exactly build confidence among users who have been burned. In fact, this is Googles second try at note taking after killing a previous effort, Notebook, last year.“基础之作”这个词用来形容谷歌这次会师笔记服务领域发售的产品合适不过。








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